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Name:Claire Maguire
Birthdate:Jul 4
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America

Claire Maguire was raised a nice Irish girl in South Boston along with all the other 'nice Irish girls'. She got used to seeing the rough side, just like everyone else. By the time she hit high school, she'd found a friend (and love) in Connor MacManus.

It wasn't until after high school, when Claire's parents decided that she'd do better at a school away from Boston, that things got shaky. She lost touch with her high school sweetheart and all their white-picket-fence plans fell by the wayside.

After receiving her degree in criminal psychology (with a minor in criminal justice), Claire joined the Virginia Beach police force. She spent seven years as a traffic cop, before working vice two years and then transferring to homicide. It was then that the Saints case in Boston took the nation by storm.

When Boston put out a request for detectives, VBPD responded with the one detective they had FROM Boston and Claire went home.

Now, she's back and investigating the Saints - which might become a problem.



Same as above, more or less, except that Claire & Connor had a daughter ([info]Morgan) when Claire was seventeen. Claire's mother forced her to leave town, threatening to have Connor arrested should Claire return. Claire, rather than have the baby put up for adoption, left the girl with Connor, and the rest of the history played out as above.

Her partner on the force is [Mike Sinclair].

OOC: I am not Amy Adams.
Claire is an original character for play in the Boondock Saints universe... along with some other really cool people.

Both character & mun are over 21 and don't write sexual scenes with people under the age of 18.

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